Trading on Horse Races

Horse Racing Trading

In the coming months I plan to write about my horse racing trading experiences. It will be a bumpy ride no doubt..🙂. I will try to post monthly with a few mini posts in between.

Why Horse Racing?

Personally, I prefer to trade and bet on football but the ‘turnover’ you can get with horse racing is far greater. During an average week there might only be a handful of quality football matches to get stuck into but with horse racing you can have between twenty and fifty races a day.

On Monday, for instance, there were close to seventy horse races in the UK. That’s like seventy ‘mini football matches’, each of them liquid, taking between sixty seconds and seven minutes to finish.

Do I Have Any Experience?

Yes, I trade and bet on football and many many years ago, I bet on horses. With my personal betting through the bookmakers I was successful but my accounts were quickly shut down. I was naive in the way I managed those betting accounts. I was successful at the bookies because I was able to take advantage of the morning prices.

On the betting exchanges I was not that profitable – not profitable enough to make it worth spending my days trading horse races at my desk all afternoon. The aim is to change that.

Will I Be Successful?

New technologies and information have entered the market which will hopefully help me. Time will tell.

How Will I Trade?

I will use Racecards (these give in depth details of each race). You can easily find these on line. I will also analyse the markets on the exchanges and put my bets into the market at the appropriate time. This will be either prior to the start of the race or in play.

Do I Like Horse Racing?

Not really 🤣! It’s a bit of a risk actually.. I am having to read around a subject that I am not that passionate about – the danger being that I might get fed up if I am not turning a reasonable profit. Don’t get me wrong, I admire the jockeys, the horses and a few people in the game. On the whole though, I dislike the ‘industry’. I also think horse racing is cruel on the animals but that’s another story.

When Will I Start?

My post for the last month (March 2024) will be up in the next day or two.

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