Trading on Horses – July 2024

April Horse Racing Post

Trading on Horses

So what’s been going on?

Yes, it’s been a while but I have been testing out a few things and had a holiday in between. I spent many hours looking at the automation side of things. People do have successful automation systems running but no doubt they are able to analyse efficiently reams of Betfair data and probably know a fair bit more about horse racing than I do. Knowledge helps.

I will revisit the automation side of things at some point in the future perhaps – it is very time consuming on the testing front.

I have been testing out a strategy I devised for laying horses, and over the last few weeks I have been putting real money down. I have gradually been increasing stakes over the period. It’s really a pre-race strategy, occasionally in-play).

At present the majority of prices I am taking are at Betfair SP. In theory, taking these SP prices should mean that I will just break even over the long run. However, I have always believed that Betfair SP prices do hold some value in certain situations, so I will continue as I am for now.

Also, I don’t believe that many people are betting / trading this way – so maybe I have a slight edge. Time will tell!

These are my results to date (formatting😩!) I may report back when I get to a thousand bets / trades!

There are roughly 14 actual days of results and about 170 bets/trades. Some days I only had limited action.

The profit total for this period stands at around £1000.00 to relatively small stakes. The results are actually better than the figures suggest because I have been increasing stakes slowly and I hit quite a few losers at the bigger stakes in the last couple of days.

Also note that I only had 1 loss in the first 50 or so bets/trades. which demonstrates how standard deviation can really skew your results.

Until next time.

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