Sporting Index Review (2023)

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Sporting Index Review

In this Sporting Index review, I take a look at this pioneer of sports spread betting. It’s a story which began back in 1992 with just a handful of staff and few clients (I was probably one of them!). They were also the trailblazers for in-play betting and ‘cashing out’, long long before anyone else. The process was simple, phone them up, buy or sell your chosen market and then follow the action on TV. Very often you would make another call during the event to trade out for a profit or loss.

Now of course everything is online, which makes it much quicker and easier, although you can still place a spread bet with them over the phone 24/7, a rare thing these days.

Why Sporting Index?

✅ In Business since 1992❌ Limited Deposit Options
✅ Big Range of Markets
✅ Fixed Odds Available
✅ Online Training Centre
✅ Generous Welcome Offer
✅ Flexible Account Options

Sporting Index Review – General Video

Welcome Offer

Currently being reviewed by Sporting Index.

As always, make sure you read the full terms and conditions.

*Updated* Sporting Index Review – Training

Sporting Index offer a great training centre where you can learn about spread betting on sports and hone your skills. All the major sports are covered; football, cricket, horse racing, rugby, golf, tennis, American football as well as other events like politics.

sporting index training centre sports examples index

The training centre is well laid out with clear examples and some video back-up.

Deposit Options

Deposit limits are initially quite low at £500 monthly but you can ask for your limits to be increased. Visa and Mastercard are the standout options for debit cards, however, most debit cards are accepted including Maestro and others. The minimum deposit is £10 but this is subject to change.

MasterCard Debit

Visa Debit

Maestro Debit

Bank Transfer


Phone: Sports Betting / Trading, Financial Trading and Customer Services all offer phone contact.

Email Support: This is a good option if you don’t need an immediate response.

Live Chat: The Live Chat option is the best way to discuss any issues you may have. Very prompt response times.

sporting index review of live chat

Mobile Spread Betting

Matchbook can be used on desktop, tablet and phone
  • Reliable and secure app
  • Quick links to popular sports
  • Home screen betting highlights
  • Recent markets
  • ‘Now’ in-play and ‘up next’ markets
  • Fast updating of prices
  • Bet history access
  • Easily deposit and withdraw
  • Alerts for you favourite sports
  • Android, iPhone and tablet

The Sporting Index App worked well during testing. Spread betting, Fixed Odds and Games are all available.


Sporting Index uses the latest web standard cryptographic protocols – including SSL to encrypt data.

Random number generator for games has been tested (by an outside party) passed and is secure. “… numbers are entirely consistent with what a truly random process would be expected to produce.”

High Protection: Funds are handled in accordance with the FCA’s Client Money Rules. Funds are held separate from company funds, segregated in ‘trust accounts’. In the event of insolvency, your funds will be repaid. This is in line with the Gambling Commission’s requirements for customer funds protection.

Other Products

Sporting Index also offer Fixed Odds betting where you can bet as you would with a standard online bookmaker. Fixed odds are easily accessible from the main menu of the Spread Betting page.

They also have a Games section, where the games are geared towards the spread betting environment. Quite clever!

Sporting Index Review Conclusion

Sporting Index are a great sports spread betting company, with probably the best sports spreads of anyone. They are also not afraid to back themselves either. Check out some of Sporting Index’s biggest losses and some stories from their traders.

Either scan the QR code, or right click on the images and select open link in new window, then hover over image with your mouse, then magnify.

Big Losses
Trader Tales

After decades in the business, the pioneer of sports spread betting is looking stronger than ever. Sporting Index have come along way since taking their first bet – a ‘buy’ of Conservative seats in the 1992 General Election. Sports traders could already bet ‘in play’ and ‘cash out’ their bets at this early stage.

With fun and innovative markets like the ‘Harry Spotter’ (a market based on how many times TV cameras would pick Prince Harry out of the crowd during the Rugby World Cup) I’m sure Sporting Index will be around for a while.

I rate Sporting Index a strong ‘buy’ at 4.5/5.00

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