Signing Up

Once you buy a ‘package’, you will be sent a ‘payment confirmation’ email, which contains a Telegram invitation link to the Betfile private channel. Once you join the channel, you will start receiving selections.


Is the service expensive? Some people think so, others not. If you do, then perhaps it’s best to look at it as the ‘price of exclusivity’.

I know a lot of tipsters that will only close their books at eg. 500 subscribers, and they tip bets to be placed at the bookmakers. You have about two minutes to get your bets on before prices are cut and, if you make a profit, your account will be restricted anyway. I would say the majority of tipsters live off their subscriptions, not their betting.

Even on the exchanges, prices can be affected for brief period of time, if too many people are jumping on at once, but you won’t be restricted for being profitable. I want my service to be stress-free and fun. I will only allow around 20-30 people to join.

I make my money from betting and trading my own selections. The extra subscription money just covers a few overheads and my subscribers offer me the chance of a bit of football banter with like-minded people!

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You can see my results here.

The service will begin again when the new Premier League season starts on 12 August 2023. The other European Leagues start shortly thereafter.

You can still sign up to the service now and you will begin to receive tips as soon as the season kicks off again.

Service now fully subscribed.

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Original price was: £825.00.Current price is: £750.00.