Questions and Answers

How many bets are advised per month?
Around 25-35 bets. There used to be more but I have trimmed selection numbers based on the more successful leagues.

Do you offer guarantees?
Anything can happen in betting, so no! I can only promise to work hard. I check each bet, write about selections on my blog, record live trading videos and post results so that subscribers can make informed decisions.

Are you profitable?
Yes, at the moment. I have never been ‘negative’ overall in four years, with these particular selections but note that the selections started well on a couple of profitable months. There have of course been small losing months too.

How do you bet or trade the selections?
The selections are profitable if you simply ‘bet and forget’ each one but we can do better by watching games for a short time / checking in-play stats and picking some games over others. I urge you to do the same but it is up to you. Time your entry point related to what you are seeing on field. You can then choose to go in to the market immediately or wait for a better price. Remember, however, that a major ‘match event’ like a goal or red card could render the selection a ‘no bet’.

What fund or bank do you recommend?
100 pts (I use 150pts) but have never come close to breaching it. In fact, over the seasons I would have operated comfortably with a 20pt bank, however, this is not recommended. Make sure that your bank/fund is a genuine 100pts. By this I mean think along the lines of  “am I prepared to lose all 100pts?”. You don’t want a bank where you feel that at 60pts down you are ‘sweating’. If in doubt, make your stakes smaller and/or bank bigger.

Manage your money professionally.

Winning and Losing Streaks?
You can probably get an idea by looking at the results page but losing streaks don’t regularly occur more than five or six bets in a row – statistically, however, that number could be higher. Winning streaks are longer. You can read more about winning and losing streaks here.

Can I get on bets / trades at advised prices?
All prices are easily available on the exchanges. You should be able to place your bet at the advised price or better. If when you go to place your bet
the price is too high, this could be a short-term fluctuation, perhaps due to a corner or free kick to the other team. In these instances, the market should correct once the relevant action is over, allowing you to place your bets at the advised odds.

What happens if there is goal during message delivery?
Sometimes bets advised will become ‘no bet’ if VAR / Referee overturns a goal, there is a red card, or a further goal.

Do you offer support?
Yes, please go to the contact page

Why should I pay for bets / trades with Betfile? 

I practice the following:

Bet / trade all selections myself. Post my results on the site. Record my results at ‘one point per bet’ – the way it should be. Post videos of my trades when I can.

I don’t want to be too critical of others because there are some good people out there who are good at what they do and work very hard – but note the following:

It’s a simple fact that not all tipsters are honest. Even when they are, in terms of recording their results, they will often use the best possible bookmaker prices, of which only a few people can take advantage. Their websites are often ‘heavily marketed’ and they live off their subscriptions, not from betting on the advice that they are selling.

Some tipsters will post their results totals in ‘Sterling value’ and not ‘points’. A tipster may boast a profitable month of £2000.00, but in the small print you’ll see that the profit was calculated at a ‘stake per point’ of e.g. £200.00. Not many people will have the ‘bank’ for such stakes or want to risk that much money per bet.

Tipsters sometimes use a scale of e.g. 1 – 5 points per bet, depending on perceived value. Whilst varying bet sizes is not completely wrong in every case, it is not really warranted, in terms of value, to regularly bet three, four or five times more on one bet over another. In fact, rarely is it justified to add 50% to your stake, let alone increase it by 500%. If you still wish follow somebody who uses varying stakes/points per bet, then make sure that you factor this in when calculating your bank.

Do you proof your selections?
I don’t. The nature of the service prevents this. Most proofing sites can only handle pre-match selections and I never know what the selections will be before a game starts. Bets are selected live / in-play i.e. during the match and sent out via Telegram (app). Even if there was a proofing service out there that could accommodate this style of betting / trading, the varying prices or ‘trading actions’ (bets can be traded) would make it impossible to record ‘outcomes’ and profits accurately. However, the results of all selections that meet my criteria are recorded on the site as ‘straight bets’, with price stipulations that always favour my subscribers.

Why are you selling your trades and not just betting them for yourself?
I do bet them myself. I make very little money out of subscriptions. I only ever have a maximum of around 25 clients, so it’s an exclusive group. On the exchanges, there is enough liquidity for all to be accommodated. I wouldn’t even bother with the service, if I was advising tips to be bet at bookmakers. The best odds would most likely be cut quickly and subscribers would rightly get irritated by not being able to get on at the advised prices. 

Further information can be found on the Trading page, or you can sign up here.