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The Correct Score market is the most flexible football market to trade on the betting exchanges. If you are betting live or ‘in-play’, you have the opportunity of changing or adding to your position throughout the match. Pre-match you can also take advantage of price moves (as with any exchange market) but the moves will not be as dramatic.

Note: If you want a beginners guide to the sports betting exchanges you can find one here.

Here is a typical correct score market for an international match between Croatia and Spain. Please note that the market is still not formed properly and not liquid because the game is only this evening – but you will get an idea of what the market looks like and the options available to you.


correct score trading


The first thing that might strike you is that there are nineteen options on which to bet! The good news is that of course you are not limited to putting your money on one score. For example, you can spread your stake over three or four scores, or any number you like.

Most of the betting options in the market are self-explanatory, but near the ‘bottom’ of the market you can see three options that are a little different. ‘Any Other Home Win’, ‘Any Other Away Win’, ‘Any Other Draw’.

These basically ‘cover’ a result that is not already on the market list. So ‘Any Other Home Win’ would cover a score of 4-0 or greater, e.g.4-1, 5-0, 5-1, and so on. ‘Any Other Away Win’ would mean a score of  0-4 or greater. ‘Any Other Draw’ would be any draw above 3-3 (which is already listed in the market) so 4-4, 5-5, 6-6.. and so on.

Bear in mind that the odds you will get on these three markets are often very large, because they are  ‘a long way’ from 0-0. Unless of course you have a strong favourite, playing a weaker side,

With so many options available, there are any number of strategies that you can employ for Correct Score trading.

Depending on the game that I am analysing, I often bet against (‘lay’) the ‘Any Other’ scores. After all they are a long away from 0-0. You can always change your position as the match plays out, backing or laying other score lines or reducing / increasing your liability on your positions if required.

Here is a video where I am doing some correct score trading on Betfair betting exchange. It doesn’t work out perfectly for me but hopefully you can see the potential that can exist when you are trading in this market.


Real Sociedad v Athletic Bilbao


Below, Ihave a small bet against Real Madrid on ‘Any Other Home Win’. I mentioned above that these odds are usually larger – but with Real Madrid being massive favourites in this game, the odds were short, because it was quite likely that they would score 4+ goals. I just didn’t think that would happen on this occasion and so bet against that result. A ‘fun’ bet really.

I bet against (lay) ‘Any Other Home Win’ for odds of 3.25. As the match progresses, the odds ‘drift’, getting larger because no goal has been scored. This gives you the opportunity to ‘back’ the market again at a bigger price to eliminate your liability. I didn’t do it on this occasion because I didn’t think Real would score 4+ goals in the last part of the game.


Real Madrid v Valladolid


You can check out my You Tube channel for more examples of Correct Score trading as well as Match Odds trading – the two markets I tend to get involved with most.

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