Betfair started in around 2000 as a betting platform where the players set the odds and bet against each other. This ability to ‘back’ (bet on) or ‘lay’ (bet against) was the beginning of the dynamic sports trading marketplace that Betfair is today. Betfair is by far the largest and most liquid exchange with over 1.2 million active customers and has expanded to include a sportsbook, casino, poker arcade, bingo, pools and virtual sports. Betting Exchange commission is between 2% and 5% on winning bets. Hugely competitive odds.

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Although Betdaq is a fraction of the size of Betfair, it is still seen as its main rival. Liquidity is improving all the time and in many sports Betdaq is a viable trading alternative. Your commission or bets (volume based) will reduce more quickly at Betdaq and their customer service is generally very good. Betdaq offer free trading tools to speed up your entry and exit in the market. Naturally you can choose whether to bet pre event or in play as with all exchanges.

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Matchbook have some really good liquidity on major sports. If you are only interested in betting on football’s major leagues like the Premiership, then this could be the exchange for you because Matchbook have the lowest commissions in the industry. Rather than paying 5% commission on winning bets as a new customer at other exchanges, you pay between 0.75% and 1.5%. No wonder volume is growing. Add to that regular sign up bonus offers and Matchbook becomes a great choice.

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Smarkets has been operating since 2008 and was founded by a group of financial and software engineering specialists. It shows. One of Smarkets’ strengths is their sleek and understated trading platform, which is quick, uncluttered and easy to follow. Volume is good if you stick to the major football leagues in the UK and Europe. Smarkets offer a flat 2% commission rate on winning bets across all markets, which is better than most exchanges.

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