How to Bet Successfully on Football

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Do You Like a Bet?

Do you like to have a bet on football with the bookmakers? Have you experienced the highs of winning but also the pain of losing? Maybe there is more losing that winning going on? Well, that’s perfectly normal. In fact, it is estimated that over ninety-five per cent of football punters lose. So how can we continue to bet and become profitable? The first thing you might consider, is to stop using the bookmakers. Yes, you heard me correctly!

Football is a massive sport for the betting industry. In fact, over forty per cent of the betting money spent in the UK, goes on football markets. That generally means great liquidity, which is good for us.

Liquidity? I hear you ask..

Yes, because at Betfile all the football information you receive is designed to be bet or traded on the betting exchanges. If you haven’t yet come across a betting exchange, then think of it as a ‘stock market for sports’ and a liquid one at that. It is the best way to bet successfully on football.

The following video will show you how to bet or trade Betfile selections on the betting exchanges. If you need a complete beginners guide, then check out my video blog on how to use the betting exchanges.

In the next short video you can see me actually betting on an exchange. The match was between Toulouse and Brest in the French Ligue 1. It basically shows newcomers to my service the type of bets that they will receive. Usually we are betting against a team that is leading by one goal.

Although this wasn’t an ‘official selection’, my criteria were met in principle. This is how you would go about betting the selection.

In this match, Brest took the lead in the 18′. With the score at 0-1, I placed my ‘lay bet’ on Brest. Toulouse equalised in the 65′ putting my bet / trade into profit.

I tend to leave it up to the individual as to whether or not they let the selections run or trade out for a profit or loss across the board. In this case, although there was the opportunity to ‘green up’ for a profit of over £60.00 on all three outcomes (Toulouse win, Draw, Brest win) I decided to let the trade run and was rewarded with a 1-1 final score and a profit of £98.00.

There is plenty of information out there on the web but if you are struggling to understand the concept of the betting exchange, then I can help you with some one on one tuition. I do charge, however, as it is my time.

I also run a football service for subscribers. Every day that there are football games on, I monitor live matches and send out selections via Telegram (app) for games that meet my criteria. These are designed to be bet or traded on the betting exchanges.

You can find more information about my betting / trading service on my trading page. You can also follow my progress by checking out my results.

If you want to bet successfully on football, then Betfile’s services might be a good starting point.

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