About Betfile

My site first went online in around 2001 and I was really just interested in ‘the web’ and thought it would be fun to try and build a website. There were a lot of great domain names still available back then – which I should have bought! I chose Betfile.com, as it was perfect for what I wanted to achieve at the time.

I love sport, mainly football, rugby and athletics because I participated in all three. I am also fascinated by odds and probability and I filled my site pages with articles on sports and betting.

In around 2021, I managed to lose my site content. Back-ups failed and all the material was lost. I am busy writing it all again for this updated version of the site.

Bookmakers and the Betting Exchanges

I have been betting a long time with bookmakers and am not particularly popular with them. I’ve had many accounts closed or restricted. It infuriates me that they do that, after all, I’m not really winning money from the bookmaker, I am winning from other losing players. Sharpen up your odds gents!

It was a relief when Flutter came along. Flutter soon became Betfair betting exchange and that was it. I remember vividly staring at the Flutter interface for about fifteen minutes wondering what exactly what was going on! Needless to say it was a game-changer. Bookmakers cried “foul” until they too realised that the exchanges could be beneficial for them. 

I lost some money ‘experimenting’ on the exchanges. Many did. Soon, however, I settled on similar strategies that I had been using at the bookmaker, but involving some trading. The biggest changes were being able to take advantage of the better prices on offer and laying on the betting exchanges

Now I work from home, trading on football and other sports full time.

‘Where the magic happens’.. I wish it were magic.. it’s basically just a lot of work!

You can find out more about my service on the trading page

I hope you’ll join me.

Good iuck.