The Betfile team came together in 2001 with the site going live shortly afterwards. At one time we operated as a sportsbook – but for most of our sixteen years online we have existed as a betting portal offering free information on betting, trading and sportsbooks.

At one point we held seventy-two betting accounts across the United States and Europe. We learned a lot, not least how to read the signs that a sportsbook might be in trouble!

Today we don’t hold quite as many accounts, as many sportsbooks in the US market ‘closed their doors’ as the US Government increased restrictions on online betting. Who remembers Bet Jamaica, WSEX, VIP Sports and many others we could mention? We do!

It’s not, however, all bad news. There are still some solid options for US customers, but we have narrowed our focus to concentrate on those that we feel are the most secure and well managed. The UK and Europe has always been a dynamic market place in our experience with very few bad experiences. Canada too has more relaxed gambling laws than the US.

We continue to work hard for all our subscribers and followers!

There have only been three incarnations of the site over our time online. The current site, naturally, is the latest version. Below is a screen shot of the previous site design which took us to the end of 2016 – it was primitive but we kind of liked it. We don’t have a screenshot of our very first site design – maybe that’s just as well!

betfile old site image